Link Repair doesn’t appear to modify specific links

Product Link Repair v3.x.x.x Summary Microsoft Office applications will defer to using relative links whenever possible. Relative links do not contain all the information of the destination unlike absolute links. Example of absolute link: \\servername\myshare\folder\sub-folder\excel-file.xlsx Example of relative link: ..\sub-folder\excel-file.xlsx When hovering over a link for example in Excel it is misleading. The reason for…read more.

Uninstalling Link Repair and installing a different version can cause a Link Repair start error

Product Link Repair v3.x.x.x Summary After uninstalling and then installing Link Repair an error occurs when starting it and it is unable to run. The error reads “Link Repair v3 has encountered a problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The file exists.” Solution 1. Uninstall Link Repair 2. Ensure the latest updates for Windows…read more.

After running Link Repair v3.2.0.1 or older Excel files with .ods and .xlsb files do not open

Product Link Repair v3.2.0.1 or older Summary If Link Repair fixes a link within an Excel file using an extension of .ods or .xlsb it is mistaken as an older format and upgraded to .xls format. Solution 1. Rename the effected files to the .xls extension 2. If the file is required to be the…read more.

The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web enables information to travel the globe in seconds and is now such a fundamental part of our lives that we would struggle to live without it. In addition to the times we personally access the web, there are also so many behind-the-scenes processes that require the internet. With something so ubiquitous…read more.

Heartbleed Vulnerability in OpenSSL

You may have heard in the news over the last week of the existence of a vulnerability (called Heartbleed) in a product called OpenSSL, something that is used by many systems throughout the internet. Last week we checked our customers’ systems as well as our own and immediately patched the vulnerable devices as soon as…read more.

Our New Office

Earlier this year Vantage moved in to purpose designed and built offices. The move gave us the opportunity to design the new offices to give us the ideal working environment for many years to come. Our software development work has increased to embrace applications for Windows client and server environments and mobile devices running Windows,…read more.

Vantage Looks at iOS 7

We are sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that Apple recently released iOS 7, an updated operating system for later versions of its mobile devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod.  It is the biggest upgrade of the operating system for a long time so has been greeted with huge amounts of interest and coverage. Very…read more.

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