Detailed Features

vantage vSearch

Easy Installation

If you can log on to your server you can install vSearch.  The server installation is very straightforward, checking your server for compatibility and installing and configuring the necessary components (all included) requiring little user intervention.

The client is similarly easy to install, again checking the PC for compatibility and installing components as required.

Information database

Your organisation may have, for example, a multitude of sources of information covering the products or services it sells.  These information sources may be data sheets, regulatory information, product approval data, usage guidelines, health and safety procedures etc.  All this information needs to be tightly controlled, so only certain users are permitted to create, amend and publish data, while it remains accessible throughout the organisation.

Another example is processes, procedures and work instructions for ISO compliance.  All staff may require access to the documents to ensure they are complying, with only a limited number of staff having the ability to amend.

vSearch is the ideal platform for such scenarios, as information is easily accessible through a browser, with document changes controlled by the fully-featured client.

Common access folders

Your servers will hold a vast quantity of documents in many folders, but locating the information within the documents can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

The documents will contain much useful information, but it can be difficult to locate that information.  It is an all too familiar problem – common folders or directories are available to which users can save information, but documents are not always clearly named, or they can be filed in the wrong folder.  These innocent mistakes make it difficult to locate the information that is known to exist ‘in there, somewhere’.  Sometimes it is just a matter of so many documents to work through that the information takes a long time to find.

These common problems of difficulties in locating the information can waste much time, either when searching for the documents, or by recreating the information from scratch.

vSearch significantly improves users’ productivity by offering solutions to these common problems.  The comprehensive document indexing and extremely rapid searching enables users to quickly locate the information they need, so saving time and avoiding replicating work.


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