Detailed Features

Stock Control contains many standard features which will enable you to organise and monitor your inventory with ease. These include the following:

  • Part Number Aliases – Each part supports multiple part numbers called aliases. This is useful when a single part may be known by more than one part number, such as a manufacturer’s part number, supplier’s number and your own part number. This avoids having to create multiple parts.
  • Part Image – Stock Control can display a thumbnail of the stock item to assist with identification of products.
  • Part History – For each item, a history is recorded of stock updates and price changes. The history lists who made the alterations and when they were made.
  • Hiding a Part – To aid clarity, obsolete parts that are no longer in use can be hidden from view. It is also possible to reveal a previously hidden part if required. Parts that have never logged any transaction history can be deleted.
  • Search Facility – A powerful search feature is provided as standard, with the contents of numerous fields being searched. These fields include Part Number, Description, Manufacturer, Purpose, Location and On Order PO No. In addition, the extended details for each item will be searched, meaning Part Number Aliases, Suppliers and Notes will also be included.

There are many standard features available to you in Stock Control, including:

  • Multiple Stock Locations
  • Multiple manufacturers
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Multiple purposes
  • Part number aliases
  • Alternative part numbers
  • Notes field for each stock item
  • History for each stock item
  • Load an image for each stock item
  • Weight for each stock item
  • Cost for each stock item
  • Average cost for each stock item
  • Stock quantity for each stock item
  • Minimum quantity for each stock item
  • Notification of stock items on order with expected lead time
  • Stock reports for below minimum level, stock cost, stock check and stock movement

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