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Vantage Softech Link Repair

Easy Installation

Installing Link Repair is about as easy as it can get. The documents you want to fix do not need to be on the same PC or server as Link Repair. Provided the computer has access to the documents you want to scan, either locally or on a network drive, it will work.

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More Details

Link Repair has a simple interface where you enter the link to be replaced and what it needs to be changed to. Let the software know which folders the documents or shortcuts reside in and Link Repair does the rest. It’s as simple as that.

It will go through each and every file and immediately make the required change, then record the actions in a log file. Hundreds of hours of link correction work can be saved by using Link Repair.

For extra peace of mind you can perform a test run to find the hyperlinks, Excel links and shortcuts that Link Repair will fix. If you are unsure of where the links are and what they contain you can also log all found hyperlinks, Excel links and shortcuts for analysis.

Link Repair does not even need Microsoft Office for files in 2007 and later format. Office is only required for 2003 and earlier formats.

If you require more information, please complete the ‘Quick Contact’ box on this page. To find out how easy Link Repair is to use, why not download the trial.


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