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Multiple Links, Multiple Locations – Link Repair Succeeds

Vantage Softech was contacted by a company who wanted to carry out an upgrade of their old server running Microsoft Windows 2003. The upgrade plan meant that an extensive amount of data that was being stored in one location would be moved to multiple new locations scattered across the network.

Moving the data would break the vast quantity of links and hyperlinks contained within their Microsoft Office documents and they were concerned about the huge amount of aggravation and hard work it would impose on the staff.

The company contacted us to ask if Link Repair would provide the solution to their problem. We assured them it would be ideal for this application and would be the answer they were looking for.

Sure enough, they purchased Link Repair and it fixed all the broken links and hyperlinks with the success we had promised.

If you are upgrading a server and moving data, please contact us to understand how much time and money Link Repair can save.